Instructions for PVB freeze protection

Turn off main shut off valve: located in 4” green valve box in the ground.  The valve is usually located near the water meter or near the PVB and the handle is usually red.  The off position will make a cross to the pipe.  It may be hard to turn off.

Go to PVB and remove the two black testcock covers.  With a flat head screw driver turn both screws from the vertical position to the horizontal position.  Water will spray out the PVB so stay clear not to get wet.

Go to the controller and run the manual function until all water is clear from lines.  This will not take to long a minute or so.

Turn the controller to the off position until you are ready to start watering again.

 Turning on the system after winterizing

Go to PVB and turn testcock screws to the vertical position.

Go to main shut off valve in ground and turn to the on position, vertical with pipe.

Put black covers on testcocks.

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